DIY: Studded shoulder Jumper


DIY: Studded Shoulder Sweater

What you need:

  • Tall English Silver Studs (or any size you prefer)
  • a sweater/jumper (any colour/size/type of jumper.. up to you)
  • a knife ( not a sharp one .. you don’t want to cut yourself) or ruler or something to bend the prongs down.
How to:
  1. Work out how many studs you want to use and where you want to place them on your jumper. (I put mine on both shoulders in a triangular shape)
  2. push the studs through the jumper and hold it there as you get your knife to bend the prongs down… continue to do it for all the studs.
  3. and then Finito! you are done and have a studded jumper :D
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