10 ways to overcome heat at night

As it is summer here in New Zealand,


last night it was soo hot that i could not sleep, yes i had windows open and was lying on top of the bed but it was still really hot that i could not sleep.



so i googled some ways to help you sleep when its really hot and I thought i would share them with you (:


1. Get a wet cold cloth and wipe your whole body with it. (tried this and it was so hot that the water evaporated so fast that i couldn’t get to sleep as it got hot again).

2. Sleep in a damp t-shirt (um won’t i get sick?)


3. Sleep nude (this could be awkward if my parents or brother walks in)


4. Take a cool shower or bath and don’t fully dry yourself then get into your bed


5. Chill your pillowcase. Put your sheets,blanket,and pillowcases into freezer bags and put in the freezer all day. This may also help you fall asleep faster, further reducing your exposure to the uncomfortable heat. (I shall try this next time).

6. Wear cold socks (gross it would feel weird.. but never know it could work)


7. Have a fan blowing on you (unfortunately I don’t own a fan :(.. maybe i should invest in one)


8. Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol at night as it makes you sleep but than wakes you up later on in the night.

9. Have thin cotton sheets rather than nylon bedding. They will absorb sweat rather than leave the sleeper covered in a film of moisture.


10. If none of these work try having naps during the day so you won’t be so tired when you find yourself struggling to sleep on a hot night (:


Let me know if you tried any of these or have any more ways of overcoming hot nights

Leave a comment below


Jacqui xx

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