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DIY: Glitter Clutch


What you need:

  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter (any colour you desire .. I used fine purple glitter & chunky silver glitter)
  • An old clutch or wallet or bag (whatever you prefer and want to glam up)
  • Paint brush or Sponge
  • a bowl
  • newspaper or something to put it on

How to:

  1. Put mod podge & glitter in a bowl ( there is no particular measurements bt however much mod podge you use put about the same about of glitter or more in.. use the bottom of bowl as a measurement.. so half the bottom of the bowl is mod podge and the other half is glitter) .. then mix it all together.
  2. Get your old clutch and paint a layer of the mixture on.. do not worry about if it stays white as when it dries you will see the glitter as the mod podge glue dries clear. P.S you may have to do a couple of layers (once each layer has dried) to cover the clutch so you don’t see the original colour/clutch.
  3. Once Dried.. and have put the mixture all over the clutch where you want it .. You have finished your glitter clutch :D and can go out on the town with it ;)

Below are a few pics of my formal and the glitter clutch I made, simple yet effective and doesn’t look tacky (I even got complimented a lot that night and asked where i got it from, they’re were surprised when i told them i did it myself)



P.S I’m not wearing heels as I did not want to be taller than my bf (thats why i look really short.. i swear i’m not that short)

Let me know how you went :D

Jacqui xx

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Last Minute Holiday Outfit


Last minute holiday outfit!
Don’t know what to wear this christmas/new years or you’ve left it to last minute? no need to fear as i have the solution. Find one statement piece whether it’s something sparkly, sequin, bold necklace or anything that screams STATEMENT!! and pair it with something plain or casual and trust me, the one statement piece will make your outfit look so much better and won’t look like you’ve put it together last minute.
Hope you helps..
Love Jacqui xoxox
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School Formal


My Last School Formal Ever! One of the best nights of my life for 2012! I’m the one in the purple, you can see the glitter clutch I did, stay tuned for a DIY


Jacqui xx

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Sparkly Heels


Loving my sparkly heels, they make a simple outfit look amazing (:

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