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Trend Alert: Peplum

I’m loving the trend peplum at the moment.


so far I only own 2 peplum tops but hoping to invest in some peplum pants, skirts, jackets and maybe even a dress. Not saying i’m actually going to get all of these as I’m a poor student I probably won’t but I would like too.


Peplum tops are amazing they cinch at the waist and then flare out, it makes you look skinnier than you are even though I don’t need to look any skinner as i consider myself pretty skinny as i weigh about 45kg but i’m also quite short. Peplum is so flattering and makes you look more feminine and sexier. You can dress it up or down depending on what kind of look you’re going for. Also there are more options not just tops but pants, skirts, jackets, shorts and dresses. 



You can find some cheap ish peplum clothes at the following websites..



for new zealand some stores that sell peplum at the moment are:





Forever New 


Be sure to check out this trend as its quite flattering and versatile for most women 




Jacqui xx

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The perfect guy

We all want the “perfect” guy who can dress good and not like a slob..


but truth is not all guys have a sense of fashion and thats what makes them perfect,


We (girlies) love the fact that even though we don’t have the “perfect” guy (in fashion sense) but we have the perfect guy who can treat us like a princess and not like we’re a piece of meat and thats what attracts us to them, their personality its not all about their looks because they could have the looks but be a total jerk and thats not attractive at all. Image


what i’m trying to get out of this is the “perfect guy” can come in all different ways, not just looks but bonus if you have both (; we girls deserve to be treated like a princess and not something on the side.



Jacqui xx

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Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas


My Jeffrey Campbell Lita Look a likes came in the mail today.. I love them i purchased them off www.boohoo.com for $85 which is really cheap considering the real ones cost over $200 NZ dollars. I’m soo impressed with the quality they’re absolutely amazing and they look like the real ones but obviously the material is a cheaper quality  but they’re absolutely fantastic soo comfortable to walk in.. JUST AMAZING!! x

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Sparkly Heels


Loving my sparkly heels, they make a simple outfit look amazing (:

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