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Wow its September . I should have done this on the 1st of September but it’s been so Hectic. First of all it was my Brothers Birthday on the 3rd of September and it was his 18th, Then a day Later September 4th at 4:35am we had a big earthquake here in Christchurch 7.1 magnitude well you’ve probably heard it on the news and also I told you my experience of the earthquake in a blog post before this. So i’ll keep this short and simple for you’s :) Since the 4th September I’ve had a week off school which was supeer awesome. So this week I go back to school and on Wednesday we have trial exams which i am not looking forward to, btw i haven;t even studied yet because all my books are at school and we couldn’t go to school b/c of the earthquake yeah but i am looking forward to holidays which are in 2 weeks so can’t wait :D . Holidays go for 2 weeks here then it’s term 4 then our big summer holidays :) which is like over a month “i think” anyway¬†

xo Jacqui

Keep Believing. Your Dreams will come True. I’m still Believing :)

My Earthquake Experience 04.09.10

It all happened on the 4th of September 2010, Saturday Morning 4.35am I was Sleeping then all of a sudden i heard a big noise So i sat up in bed at that time i couldn’t seem to figure out what was happening. It felt like the roof was going to collapse all i could see was the walls moving and it felt like the whole house was moving. I yelled out “Dad” “Dad” whats going is it? Whats happening? he yelled out to me quick come out. So we met in the hallway, down one end of the hallway near my bedroom door the bookshelves that go up to the roof had fallen down but luckily it didn’t block my doorway so i raced out asking where’s mum? So he yelled out to her quick come here because she was already up doing the dishes when it happened. Then i next asked wheres Daniel? (my brother) his door was shut so i opened it and told him to get up theres a earthquake so he got up then as we were telling each other to stand under the doorway my brother fainted from shock so i told dad to help me drag him under the doorway where it’s more safe so we did and i also told my mum to try and get him some water. When she got back we found out she had stood on glass and her toe was bleeding so we wrapped it up in tissue while we stand under the doorway still. The power was still working so my mum rang my Grandad to see if he’s okay my Aunty and Uncle from Australia answered because they were staying there and they said they were alright then we try to ring my aunty but it wouldn’t ring, There power was cut off. I quickly went and found some torches and we were listening to the radio until all of a sudden it went pitch black and we were standing there in darkness not sure of what to do. we turned the torch on and when the aftershock had finished we would quickly go round the house getting jackets, water, blankets and shoes to wear so we don’t stand on glass or broken things. We waited and waited under the doorways feeling all the aftershocks hoping all our other family and friends were alright, we stayed there until nearly daylight then we went outside and checked on our neighbours. We only had my brothers cellphone radio but we couldn’t seem to find one that was telling us what was going on. The power came back on at around 11am so we turned the news on and radio they were giving us updates and telling us what to do like save and bottle up water and help out our neighbours and friends who don’t have power, water and a safe house to live in and not to wander the streets. We also found out it was a 7.4 magnitude earthquake but they then confirmed it was a 7.1 which is still pretty bad.

We were praying to God throughout the earthquake to help us and to keep us and everyone in christchurch safe through this experience.

It felt like we were in some sort or scary movie or it was a nightmare but when power came on reality started to kick in. Showing us what had happened around christchurch but we hadn’t gotten it as bad as others around christchurch which was lucky.¬†

Please keep Christchurch in your Prayers as we are still having aftershocks and we are warned it could get worse thank you

Xo Jacqui

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