About Me

Kia Ora,

On my blog you can find

pretty things that will inspire me & hopefully you too

 and pretty much all things fashion (of course), DIY and anything else that life has to offer <3

Pretty things

I’m just an ordinary girl from new zealand not a pro or anything just sharing with you (the world) of  things that I love in life (:

new zealand

for those of you who don’t know me .. let me introduce myself (well no duuuh Jacqui)

Quick Facts (so i don’t bore you)


Jacqui Graham

18 years young (;

Student (currently studying Fashion Technology & Design)

New Zealander Maori (YES I’m part Maori from Ngai Tahu Tribe! boo yaa)


Loves: Fashion, DIY, Snowboarding, long boarding (not surfing but skateboarding) haha, any sports really and just anything and everything about life

tumblr_lm4ztqu6uI1qd5be0o1_500_large 6462577891_451bf8da8c_z_large154540_431386773556425_1920436882_n_large tumblr_lnvjylWKru1qfxwzho1_500_large

Dreams of becoming a fashion stylist (YES i want to be the next Rachael Zoe) btw dreams are free ;)


You can find me on the following:




inspire me <3

Love Jacqui xox

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